About us

As we can see from the company name, Italy is the place where it all started… and still our beating heart.
La "Pietra Pregiata" based in Saudi Arabia is curator to Mother Nature’s desired and recognisable masterpieces from different Italian marble quarries. Unbounded with its vast array of colors and textures our new Storeroom/Showroom is a chance for viewers to tap into wonders never seen before.


We have created a distinctive brand for the development of exclusive services, carefully selected for prestigious projects.

Each of our materials contains an intrinsic value of unparalleled beauty and refinement. We produce beauty through the realization of unique and always new projects, this is possible thanks to the use of only the best stones on the market and thanks to the constant attention to the customer's needs. We believe that work improves the human condition, which is why we are always attentive to our work environment, trying, day after day, to improve safety standards and job satisfaction.

Our mission & Vision

Is to make you live the experience of Natural Stone through a new perspective and style.